October 3 County Board Meeting and Budget Updates

October 3 Agenda and previous minutes

Visit the County Board Agenda and Minutes page for a review of this week’s agenda and the minutes from the last meeting. Look for a longer update on other county happenings later this week.

County Budget Update

The budget is divided between the Operating Budget and the Capital Budget. The Operating Budget funds expenses like staff, operating costs, contractual costs, and on-going activities in departments. The Operating Budget is funded from a wide variety of sources such as intergovernmental revenues, grants, fees, property taxes, the vehicle registration fee, and sales tax. The Capital Budget funds one-time projects such as The Conservation Fund, building remodeling, highway construction and major technology upgrades. The Capital Budget is primarily funded with the proceeds of bonds and notes issued by the County. Click here to view a graphic overview of the Dane County Budget process.

On October 1, County Executive Parisi released his proposed budget for 2020. Some highlights:

  • $3 million will be included for the Dane County Affordable Housing Fund in 2020.

  • $45,000 will go to support DAIS advocacy work

  • County Executive Parisi is expanding the incredibly effective Dane County Joining Forces for Families in the 2020 budget to two new areas.

  • $500,000 grant program for community centers to launch new mental and behavioral health work for kids and families. New funding is dedicated to bolstering neighborhood and community centers.

  • Over $600,000 in new county funds for community centers to help address the mental health needs of its young people.

  • C.J. Tubbs Fund for Hope, Healing, and Recovery: a new $500,000 county grant program designed to enhance community based mental health and addiction services

  • Funds for a Jail Population Manager. This individual will serve as a liaison between the entities that comprise the criminal justice system and help reduce a person’s average lengths of stay in the jail.

  • New sediment removal crew and purchases the equipment needed for the county to do its own hydraulic dredging to assist with flood mitigation. $5 million in new county dollars is being included in this budget to purchase equipment needed for sediment removal work and the staff to carry out the job.

  • $4 million is being included for the Dane County Conservation Fund to continue the pursuit of preserving land with clear quality of life, conservation, and recreational benefits.

  • County Executive Parisi is proposing $5 million for construction of a new Dane County Emergency Operations Center and home for the county’s Department of Emergency Management.

  • $2 million to purchase four “tow plows” and heavy duty quad-axle trucks to pull them. Tow plows are a relatively new line of equipment that allows a single truck to clear two lanes of highway at the same time with a single pass. This will help Dane County’s ability to keep traffic moving on the Beltline and Interstate

The public hearing for the County Executive’s Proposed Budget will be on Wednesday, October 16 at 7pm in room 201 of the City-County Building. In October through early November, the County Board committees review and amend the County Executive’s proposed budget and make recommendations to the Personnel and Finance Committee (the “Budget Committee”). View this schedule here. The Personnel & Finance Committee reviews these recommendations and presents a final overall recommendation on the operating and capital budget resolutions to the full County Board. In Mid-November the Board adopts the budget and sets the tax levy and the County Executive signs the budget resolutions or vetoes specific items. I will continue to keep you updated as we move through this process.

Curious about the City of Madison’s budget? You can view the current status of the 2020 budget, still in development, here.