Happy Independence Day from Your Dane County Supervisor!

During this time of celebrating our independence as a nation founded on the principles of democracy, I would like to thank all the residents of District 17 for being so open, thoughtful, and engaged throughout the county board supervisor campaign. I was sworn in on June 20th and appointed to the Zoning and Land Regulation Committee, which held its first meeting on June 25th. Two issues I am hoping to get to work on immediately are water quality- both in our lakes and out of our faucets- and homelessness in our community. I will continue to provide updates as I receive further appointments on committees / task forces.

A little bit about the Dane County Board of Supervisors: 

The Board of Supervisors is the legislative branch of the county government. There are 37 Supervisors who are elected to represent districts across the county. You can find maps of the district, contact information for all Supervisors and meeting schedules on their website. In addition to their participation in the twice-monthly full County Board meetings, all Supervisors are appointed to one of seven committees:

Zoning and Land Regulation, Personnel and Finance, Health and Human Needs, Public Protection and Judiciary Committee, Public Works and Transportation, and the Executive Committee. Dane County departments report to at least one of these standing committees and after an ordinance amendment or resolution is introduced at the general county board meeting, if approved, the amendment or resolution will be referred to one or more of the standing committees for consideration before coming back to the general county board for final approval. That’s a pretty simplified explanation, but I will be featuring information on each of the standing committees and the county legislative process on my blog and in email updates, so do make sure to sign up for those.

Current Events Updates:

Dane County Jail Consolidation Project: Resolution 35, authorizing funds to move forward with the South Tower Addition, was approved on June 6, 2019. Two additional resolutions related to the Dane County Criminal Justice System were also introduced. Resolution 087, “Dane County Criminal Justice System Improvement”, and Resolution 067,  “Community Alternative Plan for Housing, Health Care, and Decarceration,” were both introduced at the June 6 meeting and subsequently referred to committees for review. These could both potentially be revised or possibly combined. I will keep you updated on the status of both of these resolutions seeking to improve our criminal justice system. 

Check out these additional resources for more information:

The Dane County Criminal Justice Council

Supervisor Buckingham’s post, Resolution 035 Jail Consolidation and Bonding

Supervisor Chawla’s post, $225 Million for New Jail, Quarterly Flood Updates, and Cover Crop Program

Madison.com, Dane County Board approves $148M in jail renovations after opponents shut down meeting

Lake Water Quality and Flood Remediation: Dane County continues to move forward with the recommendations from the Yahara Chain of Lakes Lake Levels Task Force. This task force was designed to provide recommended actions to address the flooding that occurs around these lakes. You might have heard of the “Suck the Muck” campaign- that is a related project. The first step in flood remediation is to complete some dredging about the Yahara to help increase the flow of sediment, freeing up space in the water table for excess run off to move more productively through the system.

Check out these additional resources for more information:

Most recent quarterly update from the Task Force

Dane County Land and Water Resources Department

Dane County Awards Contract for Next Phase of “Suck the Muck” Project, Will Begin Work at Token Creek this Summer

A little about me

I’ve called the east-side of Madison my home since 2011. I own a home in Eastmorland that I share with my dogs and cats, all rescues. Prior to settling in Madison, I lived in Iowa City, Iowa while I attended the University of Iowa College of Law and also earned a Masters of Public Health. I received my Bachelor of Arts in English from Grinnell College.

I’ve worked for some incredible population health- focused organizations since I arrived in Madison, including the Wisconsin Population Health Institute, the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and finally UW Organ & Tissue Donation, where I coordinate regulatory compliance and quality improvement. In my free time I like riding my bike around Madison, hiking in our state parks, watching documentaries, and keeping up with local news. 

How to contact me: 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have. If I cannot answer it, I will do my best to find someone who can. I talk regularly with your City of Madison alders and we keep each other informed of issues and concerns for our community. 

  • Email me at Audet.Kristen@CountyofDane.com

  • Call me at (608) 620-6493

  • Sign up to receive email updates by entering your email address on the Contacts page of my website at  https://kristenaudet.com/contact

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