F-35s at Truax

By now most of you have probably heard about the F35s proposed to be housed at Truax and I know there are individuals in the district who are very concerned about this proposal, in addition to individuals strongly supporting the proposal, as well as many with questions. I have compiled a list of resources from a variety of sources, see the bottom of this post. The time for your voice to be heard is now!

I have submitted the following questions to the Air National Guard in hopes that they will be addressed at the public hearing:

1. Please explain in more detail how / why Madison was indicated as the preferred site when the EIS indicates a larger negative impact to this area than any of the other sites, specifically, that “[t]here would be significant disproportionate impacts to low-income and minority populations as well as children?” (page ES-26)

2. What remedies are available for those who live in areas affected by the increased noise?

3. What are the consequences of the F35s NOT coming to Madison? There are many rumors floating around. Will the base close? What will happen to those who are employed there if the base does close?

To contribute your own questions, comments, and concerns:

  1. Attend the public hearing on September 12, 5:00pm at Alliant Energy Center. The first of the public hearings for any of the proposed sites was last night in Jacksonville and I will share any information that is published from that session;

  2. Submit a comment in writing either through the website or the mail. The National Guard Bureau encourages comments and feedback on the proposed action at any time but to ensure full consideration in the Final Environmental Impact Statement, scheduled to be published in January of 2020, please make sure to submit comments by September 27, 2019;

  3. Contact US Senator Tammy Baldwin or Representative Pocan, the decision will be made at the federal level and these representatives have the most ability to share your concerns. Click on their names for ways to contact.