November 7: What's on the County Board Agenda and Budget Update

Current Board Meeting

Visit the County Board Agendas & Minutes page to review the current agenda and recent minutes. Tonight one of the items we will vote on considers additional funding for six new developments slated to include affordable housing opportunities throughout Dane County. Read more here.

Budget Updates

We are nearing the end of the budget process! As a reminder, in October through November each year, the County Board Standing Committees reviewed the County Executive’s proposed budget and make recommendations to the Personnel and Finance Committee (the “Budget Committee”). The Personnel & Finance Committee reviewed these recommendations on Tuesday and presented a final overall recommendation on the Operating and Capital budget resolutions to the full County Board for review and deliberation. These deliberations begin Monday, November 11th at 7pm and will extend into Tuesday and Wednesday evening only if needed. After deliberation, a final vote on the budget will be held. Should the County Executive choose to veto any of the Board’s proposed amendments, those vetoes will be considered at the next scheduled County Board meeting, November 21st at 7pm.

You can view the Personnel & Finance Committee’s 2020 DANE COUNTY OPERATING BUDGET APPROPRIATIONS RESOLUTION and 2020 DANE COUNTY CAPITAL BUDGET APPROPRIATIONS RESOLUTION that will be deliberated on next week (for a list of operating amendments click here and for a list of the capital amendments click here). Additional information on the 2020 budget can be found in the minutes from Monday’s P&F meeting and on the Dane County 2020 Budget Information page. Don’t forget to check out some new resources on the Dane County budget overall: a video description of the process and the interactive Balancing Act tool.

November 2, 2019 Update: Budget Update & Amendments

It’s Budget Season!

Welcome to autumn! The past month the County Board has been busy working through the 2020 Budget. We are nearing the end of the process and next week the Personnel and Finance Committee will make their final recommendations by voting on submitted amendments to the county budget. Visit the 2020 Budget Information page for an overview of the process. Don’t forget to also check out Balancing Act, a new tool to provide education and solicit feedback on the county budget process. Balancing Act allows residents to review and choose from some of the same options the County Board will consider, including cutting expenses or raising revenue. The simulation includes information about county departments, the services they provide, and allows users to see how changes affect different areas of the budget. Find more information on Balancing Act here.

Budget Amendments

In the short time that I have had the opportunity to serve on the Dane County Board of Supervisors and through my appointment to the City-County Homelessness Issues Committee, I am glad to support critical programs that provide service to those in our community facing housing insecurity and homelessness. Subsequently, I have co- sponsored 4 amendments to the 2020 budget; these amendments directly impact those in our community most at risk. To show your support for these amendments (or any other amendments to the budget) contact members of the Personnel & Finance Committee before the evening of Tuesday, 11/5/2019.

HHN O-6, Eviction prevention assistance (HHN Operating Budget): Increase operating budget by $50,000 for eviction prevention financial assistance for Homeless Services Consortium prevention coordinated entry providers to serve applicants who do not qualify for HUD Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG). (NOTE: This amendment is reduced from an original request of $100,000). Due to strict limitations on eligibility for the HUD Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funds, more flexible funding is needed to serve families and individuals who present through HSC prevention coordinated entry, but don't meet the ESG eligibility criteria.

HHN O-09 Homeless Services Specialist Position (HHN Operating Budget): $50,000 to help fund a homeless specialist position in the proposed Dane County Department of Human Services’ Housing Access and Affordability Division. The position would focus on underserved populations in the homeless and housing system, including families with children or youth who are defined as homeless under other federal statutes. The committee is requesting a $50,000 match from the City of Madison to help fund this position. NOTE: This initiative needs a City of Madison match to move forward. Please contact your Alder to support this initiative through a City of Madison budget amendment.

HHN-C-01 The Salvation Army Expansion (HHN Capital Budget) : Increase expenditures and borrowing proceeds by $1.3 million to fund a county contribution toward the Salvation Army's efforts to develop a mixed use project including a purpose built family shelter and purpose built women’s shelter, pay-to-stay shelter, medical respite shelter, supportive services center, and residential housing units on property it controls on East Washington Ave. in the City of Madison.

ZLR-O-01 Increase Expenditures to Fund the Dane Co. Housing Summit (ZLR Operating Budget) : Increase expenditures by $10,000 to fund the housing summit. The annual housing summit has played an important role in expanding workforce and affordable housing in Madison and surrounding communities. The program has been funded by donations, as time has passed access to more substantial donations has declined. Staff in the Planning Department support the Housing Summit every year and this amendment would increase funds for this service from $2,000 to $10,000.

October 3 County Board Meeting and Budget Updates

October 3 Agenda and previous minutes

Visit the County Board Agenda and Minutes page for a review of this week’s agenda and the minutes from the last meeting. Look for a longer update on other county happenings later this week.

County Budget Update

The budget is divided between the Operating Budget and the Capital Budget. The Operating Budget funds expenses like staff, operating costs, contractual costs, and on-going activities in departments. The Operating Budget is funded from a wide variety of sources such as intergovernmental revenues, grants, fees, property taxes, the vehicle registration fee, and sales tax. The Capital Budget funds one-time projects such as The Conservation Fund, building remodeling, highway construction and major technology upgrades. The Capital Budget is primarily funded with the proceeds of bonds and notes issued by the County. Click here to view a graphic overview of the Dane County Budget process.

On October 1, County Executive Parisi released his proposed budget for 2020. Some highlights:

  • $3 million will be included for the Dane County Affordable Housing Fund in 2020.

  • $45,000 will go to support DAIS advocacy work

  • County Executive Parisi is expanding the incredibly effective Dane County Joining Forces for Families in the 2020 budget to two new areas.

  • $500,000 grant program for community centers to launch new mental and behavioral health work for kids and families. New funding is dedicated to bolstering neighborhood and community centers.

  • Over $600,000 in new county funds for community centers to help address the mental health needs of its young people.

  • C.J. Tubbs Fund for Hope, Healing, and Recovery: a new $500,000 county grant program designed to enhance community based mental health and addiction services

  • Funds for a Jail Population Manager. This individual will serve as a liaison between the entities that comprise the criminal justice system and help reduce a person’s average lengths of stay in the jail.

  • New sediment removal crew and purchases the equipment needed for the county to do its own hydraulic dredging to assist with flood mitigation. $5 million in new county dollars is being included in this budget to purchase equipment needed for sediment removal work and the staff to carry out the job.

  • $4 million is being included for the Dane County Conservation Fund to continue the pursuit of preserving land with clear quality of life, conservation, and recreational benefits.

  • County Executive Parisi is proposing $5 million for construction of a new Dane County Emergency Operations Center and home for the county’s Department of Emergency Management.

  • $2 million to purchase four “tow plows” and heavy duty quad-axle trucks to pull them. Tow plows are a relatively new line of equipment that allows a single truck to clear two lanes of highway at the same time with a single pass. This will help Dane County’s ability to keep traffic moving on the Beltline and Interstate

The public hearing for the County Executive’s Proposed Budget will be on Wednesday, October 16 at 7pm in room 201 of the City-County Building. In October through early November, the County Board committees review and amend the County Executive’s proposed budget and make recommendations to the Personnel and Finance Committee (the “Budget Committee”). View this schedule here. The Personnel & Finance Committee reviews these recommendations and presents a final overall recommendation on the operating and capital budget resolutions to the full County Board. In Mid-November the Board adopts the budget and sets the tax levy and the County Executive signs the budget resolutions or vetoes specific items. I will continue to keep you updated as we move through this process.

Curious about the City of Madison’s budget? You can view the current status of the 2020 budget, still in development, here.

September 19 County Board Meeting and F-35 Updates

September 19 Agenda and previous minutes

Visit the County Board Agenda and Minutes page for a review of this week’s agenda and the minutes from the last meeting. Look for a longer update on other county happenings later this week.

F-35s Updates

City of Madison

On September 17, 2019 the Madison Common Council passed a resolution, which was a combination of two different resolutions addressing the future activities at Truax Base. Last week city staff released a report assessing the Draft F35 EIS.

Statement from Mayor Rhodes-Conway re: F-35 Environmental Impact Statement

Dane County

The resolution process for the Dane County Board of Supervisors is as such: a resolution is introduced during the Announcements portion of an official County Board meeting and Supervisors have the opportunity to sign on to the resolution in support. It is then referred to committees for further examination and approval, and then finally goes back to the full County Board for approval from the whole. The whole process can take at least two weeks, and often longer, depending on the county meetings schedule. In order to ensure the statement is included in the public record by the 9/27/2019 deadline, Supervisors will have the opportunity to optionally sign on to a Letter in Opposition written by Supervisor Paul Rusk, whose district includes the area surrounding the Dane County Regional Airport and Truax field. I intend to add my name to this letter. Click on the link above to view the letter.

More Resources / links:

U.S. Rep. Pocan: Calls for further testing of noise impact at Truax Air National Guard Base

Letter from Representative Melissa Sargent (links to Facebook)

Jessie Opoien: The Air Force’s F-35s will be a boon to Madison and Wisconsin, but we have to do it right

Rep. Chris Taylor, 9 local officials: Strong community opposition needed to avoid harms of F-35s

Supporters for F-35 jets propose solutions to mitigate noise concerns

John Nichols: F-35 project is the military-industrial complex at its worst

Together Truax

What happens if Truax Field doesn't get the F-35?

September 4, 2019 Update

County Board Updates

Agenda and minutes

Visit the County Board Agenda and Minutes page for a review of this week’s agenda and the minutes from the last meeting.

Budget Hearings

It is budget season! Two public hearings in September will allow the public to weigh in on departmental requests for funding in Dane County’s 2020 budget.

The first, at 6:00 pm on September 11 in room 201 at Warner Park Community Recreation Center (1625 Northport Drive, Madison), will address the Department of Human Services budget request.

The second, at 6:00 pm on September 12 in room 201 of the City-County Building (210 MLK Jr. Blvd, Madison), will address all departments except the Department of Human Services.

The departmental budget request hearing is being held by the Dane County Board of Supervisors, while the hearing on the Department of Human Services budget request is held jointly by Dane County Executive Joe Parisi and the Dane County Board of Supervisors, with the county Long Term Support Committee, the county Human Services Board, and the Area Agency on Aging Board of Directors also in attendance.

Related: The City of Madison’s Executive Capital Budget for 2020 is now available online. Make sure to sign up for updates from your alders to get the most up to date information on the City budget process; find your alder here.

Community Updates

Madison Water Poll

From Madison Water Utility:

We’re trying to spread the word about Madison Water Utility’s EVERY DROP MADISON poll. Public input will help guide Madison Water Utility as we plan for the next phase of water conservation and sustainability in Madison. The Toilet Rebate Program has saved more than a billion gallons of water in Madison. Now, the EVERY DROP MADISON initiative seeks community input on new conservation incentives and programs that will bring a new era of water stewardship and source water protection to our city. You can find the poll at the following link:

Recognizing that conservation is water supply, Madison Water Utility and its customers are committed to using water efficiently. After surpassing a 2008 goal (one year early!) to reduce residential per-capita water use by twenty percent by 2020, MWU is updating its Water Conservation and Sustainability Plan to further improve efficiency. To inform this process, Madison Water Utility wants to engage with our customers to better understand which incentives would be most effective in increasing water use efficiency still further. MWU is working with the WaterNow Alliance , in partnership with the online polling platform POLCO , to maximize public engagement. Madison Water Utility is a 2019 recipient of a WaterNow Project Accelerator grant.

County Executive, Madison Mayor partner to Improve Local Lakes

Dane County and the City of Madison have agreed to a five-year program to make swimming in area lakes safer, County Executive Joe Parisi and Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway announced Aug. 29, 2019

Join the Rolling Meadows Neighborhood Association Board

The Rolling Meadows Neighborhood Association is looking for individuals in the neighborhood to join the Board of Directors. In this role, you will help plan events, keep the neighborhood informed, and make sure that everyone has a voice. If interested, send an email to and come to their next meeting: September 12, 7pm, at The Victory Hmong Alliance Church, 602 Acewood Blvd, Madison, WI 53714.

Ace Apartments

See the slides from last month’s public meeting here. From Alder Lemmer: As mentioned, they were planning to submit their Land Use Application soon, and if they proceed on schedule, that will tentatively put this project before the Urban Design Commission on October 16 and the Plan Commission on October 28.

F-35s at Truax

By now most of you have probably heard about the F35s proposed to be housed at Truax and I know there are individuals in the district who are very concerned about this proposal, in addition to individuals strongly supporting the proposal, as well as many with questions. I have compiled a list of resources from a variety of sources, see the bottom of this post. The time for your voice to be heard is now!

I have submitted the following questions to the Air National Guard in hopes that they will be addressed at the public hearing:

1. Please explain in more detail how / why Madison was indicated as the preferred site when the EIS indicates a larger negative impact to this area than any of the other sites, specifically, that “[t]here would be significant disproportionate impacts to low-income and minority populations as well as children?” (page ES-26)

2. What remedies are available for those who live in areas affected by the increased noise?

3. What are the consequences of the F35s NOT coming to Madison? There are many rumors floating around. Will the base close? What will happen to those who are employed there if the base does close?

To contribute your own questions, comments, and concerns:

  1. Attend the public hearing on September 12, 5:00pm at Alliant Energy Center. The first of the public hearings for any of the proposed sites was last night in Jacksonville and I will share any information that is published from that session;

  2. Submit a comment in writing either through the website or the mail. The National Guard Bureau encourages comments and feedback on the proposed action at any time but to ensure full consideration in the Final Environmental Impact Statement, scheduled to be published in January of 2020, please make sure to submit comments by September 27, 2019;

  3. Contact US Senator Tammy Baldwin or Representative Pocan, the decision will be made at the federal level and these representatives have the most ability to share your concerns. Click on their names for ways to contact.


August 11 Update

We’ve reached the dog days of summer and I hope everyone has been able to take advantage of all the fantastic summer events available in Madison. Our District 15 Alder, Grant Foster, always shares upcoming events on his blog and even has a Google calendar of events you can subscribe to- sign up for his updates (even if you aren’t in District 15!) by visiting his city web-page here.

The County Board only meets once in July, so next week is the first meeting since our July 11 meeting. For a review of July 11’s meeting, you can find my agenda summary and the official minutes on the County Board Agendas & Minutes page. You can also find an overview of August 15’s agenda on that same page. At the July 11 County Board meeting, my appointment by the County Board Chair to the City-County Homelessness Issues Committee was unanimously approved. I am grateful and fortunate to be able to serve on this committee addressing such an important issue facing our county. Stay tuned later this month for a special issues-based update on some of the committee’s current work and other initiatives in Dane County addressing the issue.

Current Events Updates:

Ace Apartments The Ace Apartments is the mixed-use development that has been proposed for the Sentry site on Cottage Grove Road, and includes 10,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor and affordable housing for people with disabilities. Movin' Out's The Ace Apartments proposal has received the needed tax credits from the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Administration (WHEDA). They have been awarded the tax credits because Heartland Housing returned the credits they were awarded for their project on South Park Street.

Meeting dates/locations: Tuesday, August 20, 6:30 pm, Door Creek Church, Room 108, 602 Dominion Dr, Madison, WI 53718.

F-35s / Truax Field Read the most recent memo with information on the new Environmental Impact Statements. You can view the summary report from the Air Force Air National Guard by clicking here. The EIS and accompanying information covers five potential sites, Madison being one of them. For even more information, visit their website. Please note, the county does not have a decision-making role regarding this project. While there will be an update at the next Airport Commission meeting, there is no decision item. The decision on where to house the F35s will be made by the National Guard Bureau on the federal level.

Meeting dates/locations: The National Guard Bureau will hold a public hearing regarding the EIS at the Alliant Energy Center on September 12th from 5-8 PM.

How to contact me: 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have. If I cannot answer it, I will do my best to find someone who can. I talk regularly with your City of Madison alders and we keep each other informed of issues and concerns for our community. 

  • Email me at

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Happy Independence Day from Your Dane County Supervisor!

During this time of celebrating our independence as a nation founded on the principles of democracy, I would like to thank all the residents of District 17 for being so open, thoughtful, and engaged throughout the county board supervisor campaign. I was sworn in on June 20th and appointed to the Zoning and Land Regulation Committee, which held its first meeting on June 25th. Two issues I am hoping to get to work on immediately are water quality- both in our lakes and out of our faucets- and homelessness in our community. I will continue to provide updates as I receive further appointments on committees / task forces.

A little bit about the Dane County Board of Supervisors: 

The Board of Supervisors is the legislative branch of the county government. There are 37 Supervisors who are elected to represent districts across the county. You can find maps of the district, contact information for all Supervisors and meeting schedules on their website. In addition to their participation in the twice-monthly full County Board meetings, all Supervisors are appointed to one of seven committees:

Zoning and Land Regulation, Personnel and Finance, Health and Human Needs, Public Protection and Judiciary Committee, Public Works and Transportation, and the Executive Committee. Dane County departments report to at least one of these standing committees and after an ordinance amendment or resolution is introduced at the general county board meeting, if approved, the amendment or resolution will be referred to one or more of the standing committees for consideration before coming back to the general county board for final approval. That’s a pretty simplified explanation, but I will be featuring information on each of the standing committees and the county legislative process on my blog and in email updates, so do make sure to sign up for those.

Current Events Updates:

Dane County Jail Consolidation Project: Resolution 35, authorizing funds to move forward with the South Tower Addition, was approved on June 6, 2019. Two additional resolutions related to the Dane County Criminal Justice System were also introduced. Resolution 087, “Dane County Criminal Justice System Improvement”, and Resolution 067,  “Community Alternative Plan for Housing, Health Care, and Decarceration,” were both introduced at the June 6 meeting and subsequently referred to committees for review. These could both potentially be revised or possibly combined. I will keep you updated on the status of both of these resolutions seeking to improve our criminal justice system. 

Check out these additional resources for more information:

The Dane County Criminal Justice Council

Supervisor Buckingham’s post, Resolution 035 Jail Consolidation and Bonding

Supervisor Chawla’s post, $225 Million for New Jail, Quarterly Flood Updates, and Cover Crop Program, Dane County Board approves $148M in jail renovations after opponents shut down meeting

Lake Water Quality and Flood Remediation: Dane County continues to move forward with the recommendations from the Yahara Chain of Lakes Lake Levels Task Force. This task force was designed to provide recommended actions to address the flooding that occurs around these lakes. You might have heard of the “Suck the Muck” campaign- that is a related project. The first step in flood remediation is to complete some dredging about the Yahara to help increase the flow of sediment, freeing up space in the water table for excess run off to move more productively through the system.

Check out these additional resources for more information:

Most recent quarterly update from the Task Force

Dane County Land and Water Resources Department

Dane County Awards Contract for Next Phase of “Suck the Muck” Project, Will Begin Work at Token Creek this Summer

A little about me

I’ve called the east-side of Madison my home since 2011. I own a home in Eastmorland that I share with my dogs and cats, all rescues. Prior to settling in Madison, I lived in Iowa City, Iowa while I attended the University of Iowa College of Law and also earned a Masters of Public Health. I received my Bachelor of Arts in English from Grinnell College.

I’ve worked for some incredible population health- focused organizations since I arrived in Madison, including the Wisconsin Population Health Institute, the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, and finally UW Organ & Tissue Donation, where I coordinate regulatory compliance and quality improvement. In my free time I like riding my bike around Madison, hiking in our state parks, watching documentaries, and keeping up with local news. 

How to contact me: 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have. If I cannot answer it, I will do my best to find someone who can. I talk regularly with your City of Madison alders and we keep each other informed of issues and concerns for our community. 

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