Overview of the Dane County Board of Supervisors

The Agendas:

The order and sections of the agenda for the Dane County Board of Supervisors meetings are delineated in Chapter 7, section 61 of the Dane County Ordinances. Here are the standing sections:


A. Roll Call

1. Prayer/Inspirational message (limited to three minutes)

2. Pledge of allegiance

B. Special Matters and Announcements

1. Memorial resolutions, proclamations and special presentations (limited to ten minutes)

2. Appearances by the county executive

3. Announcements (limited to two minutes and to the announcement of a coming event or the introduction of an item)

4. Public hearings

C. Approval of payments

D. Claims recommended for denial.

E. Approval of county board minutes

F. Consent Agenda

 (items which passed all committees, boards, commissions, etc., without opposition or abstention, for which there are no amendments, and for which no requests have been made not to place on the consent agenda. Items which were reported out of committee with “no recommendation” shall not be placed on the consent agenda.)

G. Motions from previous meetings

1. Motions from previous meetings, including motions to reconsider, rescind, place a resolution or ordinance amendment on the agenda, or override a county executive veto.

H. Reports on zoning petitions.

I. Ordinance amendments

J. Award of contracts

K. Resolutions

L. Appointments

M. Items Requiring a Two-Thirds Majority for Passage.

 In addition to any other items requiring a two-thirds vote, any ordinance amendment or resolution creating or changing fees charged to users of services that is considered after adoption of the annual budget shall require a two-thirds vote of the county board.

N. Special order of business. 

All special order items will be placed in this section except that, in the exercise of his or her discretion, the chairperson may designate a time certain for such matters

O. Such other business as the county board is authorized to conduct by law

P. Adjournment